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Maetig promises Zliten NATO bomb victims compensation

Presidency council (PC) co-deputy leader Ahmed Maetig has said the families of the those killed by a NATO airstrike during the 2011 revolution on the village of Majer, near Zliten, must have further compensation for their losses. He was speaking in the town yesterday.

Meeting with members of the families of the 36 who died in the airstrike on its sixth anniversary, he said that the compensation paid out had not been equal to the extent of the suffering.

Many of the victims’ family homes that were destroyed in the airstrike on 8 August 2011 have not been rebuilt and restored because of insufficient payments.

He added that proper treatment for the 51 people who were wounded, which dried up four years ago, also had to be resumed.

Maetig’s visit to Zliten follows talks on reparations in Tripoli with Zliten mayor Muftah Al-Hamadi two days earlier.

While in Zliten, Maetig also discussed a number of problems facing the town with the mayor and councillors, including the electricity cuts and delays in extending the local hospital. The council suggested a power station be built in the town. Maetig, however, noted that the new electricity station in Obari would be adding power to the national grid while state electricity company GECOL and Germany’s Siemens would be drawing up a five-year master plan for Libya’s entire electricity needs.

Zliten council also called for greater powers to be devolved from the government, so as to reduce centralisation.

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