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Haftar: Army insists on extending its control over the entire Libyan territory

The commander of the Libyan army, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar confirmed the insistence of the Libyan troops to continue fighting “until the armed forces extends its control over the entire Libyan territory.”

On Monday morning and during a press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, Haftar asserted: “We have been involved in political settlements at the request of sister countries. I started with meeting the President of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Siraj in Abu Dhabi and then in Paris, but he disregarded many of the agreed upon principles and conditions.”

He added that: “The whole world has been following the sacrifices of the army for three years in its fight against terrorism under an unjust siege represented by the prohibition of arming it in parallel with unlimited support for terrorism,” stressing that the army is determined to continue its mission in the fight against terrorism throughout the country.

International mediators called not to resort to what he called “ready-made solutions to resolve the Libyan crisis,” asserting that there will not be any support for any political settlement unless it is “ under the sponsorship of the United Nations, and that Moscow actively supports the political process and the restoration of the Libyan state structures.”

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar arrived in Moscow at the invitation of Russia to discuss a number of files. The Information Office of the Libyan army leadership commented that among the issues discussed is “ways to support the fight against terrorism and the latest political situation in Libya.”

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