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Intelligence official: ISIS receives local and international support

ISIS fugitives in Libya are receiving national and international support, Chief of Military Intelligence of Al-Bonyan Al-Masrous Operation, Brig. Gen Mohammed Ganaidi, has revealed, adding that the military vehicles that the radical group is using around Sirte now had been imported from a Gulf state.

Speaking to Alnabaa TV on Monday, Ganaidi said Dignity Operation had imported military vehicles from the United Arab Emirates, but they ended up in the hands of ISIS extremists.

“ISIS fugitives used these vehicles at checkpoints 20 and 90 east of Sirte,” he said.

Ganaidi estimated that there are about 300 ISIS militants moving freely in south Sirte valleys and in the southern region, saying their forces are ready to confront ISIS or Dignity Operation militias if they come to Sirte.

Eyewitnesses reported that ISIS fugitives checkpoints at Wadi Al-Hamar region, 90 km east of Sirte, and kidnapped at least three people.

Last week, the radical group released new video that showed its militants setting up a checkpoint in central Libya.

Meanwhile, a video posted on Facebook on Monday showed a Dignity Operation convoy led by Musa Abu Amood in the oasis town of Zalla in Al-Jufra region, central Libya, celebrating while flying the black flag of ISIS.

Dignity Operation took control of Al-Jufra region in June 2017.

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