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Fighting in Sabratha in western Libya could be warm welcome to ISIS

Since early morning on Sunday, the coastal city of Sabratha – some 75 km west of Tripoli – has been witnessing fearsome clashes between two armed groups from the city.

One group is called Fighting ISIS Operations Room and the other is called Anas Dabbashi brigade.

The clashes began as a car from the Fighting ISIS Operations Room came under fire from Anas Dabbashi brigade at a check point in the city, allegedly for refusing to stop at the orders of the security personnel.

About ten others or more have been reported as injured.

The fighting did stop for a while on Monday by the efforts of the municipal council and the dignitaries from Sabratha and neighboring areas, said the Sabratha Municipal Council in a statement on Monday.

According to the municipal council and the elders council in Sabratha, the fighting in the city resumed on Tuesday because Fighting ISIS Operations Room had refused all the initiatives and efforts at bring down a truce between the warring parties to avoid the city destruction and to rid themselves of any chances for the terrorists of ISIS to find a foothold in the city amid lawlessness.

“We have tried all possible compromise efforts but the Fighting ISIS Operations Room still refuses to stop the fight.” The elders said on Tuesday evening.

Meanwhile, the Libyan Red Crescent volunteers said they could not help several families out of the clashes’ zone in the city’s downtown as their motorcade was shot at from the side of the Fighting ISIS Operations Room, according to their media statement on Monday.

Likewise, local officials have not intervened in the issue yet, leaving the city facing its own fate alone, with some observes saying that this fight is made on purpose by some parties to allow ISIS to have a foothold in the city again.

On Sunday, Wall Street Journal reported that there is a big possibility for ISIS to reemerge in Libya, saying that there are currently about 500 of them in areas like Bani Walid, Ghat and other Sirte’s nearby districts.


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