Tuesday , 3 August 2021
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Clashes erupt in southern Libya capital

Clashes erupted in the southern part of the Libyan Capital, mainly near Qasir Ben Ghashir and Bear Al-Aalem between Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade and an alliance of brigades led by ex-regime followers and Gaddafi loyalists positioned in camps near the area.

According to sources from Qasir Ben Ghashir, the clashes were so fierce and heavy as well as medium weapons with many military vehicles seen in the area fro both sides.

Social media pages talked about the fact that the armed groups coming from the direction of Wershiffana and positioned in southern Tripoli were willing to advance on the capital and claim its control for the sake of Gaddafi regime and against February revolution.

In the meantime, local social media pages talked about the participation of Tarhouna brigade named Kani Birgade and Brigade 301 in Tripoli, saying there were injuries and at least three deaths in the clashes from the Brigade 301.

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