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Petty Officer 2nd Class Roberto Llamas maneuvers U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Sea Otter's cutter boat near the commercial fishing vessel Trailblazer during a boarding off the coast of California, Aug. 5, 2012. Routine boardings like this are conducted to ensure the vessel's crew has required safety equipment on board and complies with other applicable regulations.

Maltese fishing vessel seized in Libya’s Benghazi

A Maltese vessel has been held in Libya for more than a week, its owner told The Malta Independent.

The Maltese flagged fishing vessel Salvatur VI, MFA0172VLT, owned by Salvatur VI Fishing Company Limited), with 1 Italian Captain and 6 Indonesian crew members on board, has been held by the Libyan Military forces of Benghazi, owner Albert Satariano said, according to the website.

The vessel was stopped on 28 September and so far all crew members are well and on board the vessel, waiting to be released together with the vessel. However, this release has been delayed day after day, Satariano said.

“My lawyer in Libya last night informed me that the Libyan Army are waiting to be contacted by the Maltese and Indonesian Authorities, to be able to release the crew and vessel.

“The Italian captain was released immediately after the Libyan Army was contacted by the Italian Consulate in Benghazi. It appears that the Captain has so far refused to leave the vessel until this matter is resolved, but it seems that he is now being forced to leave the country, The Malta Independent added.

“I have been in contact with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indonesian Embassy in Rome and informed them fully of the situation. However, I am concerned that the Maltese authorities are not taking urgent action, contrary to what the Italian Government has already done.” According to The Malta Independent.

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