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The story of executing the 21 Egyptians by Daesh

Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous forces uncovered, on Saturday, the details of the crime of executing 21 Christian Egyptians by the hands of the terrorist group of Daesh in the city of Sirte in 2014.

The security forces had found the residue of the victims in Sirte. The authorities confirmed that they found 21 corpses, handcuffed and beheaded wearing the orange colored uniforms as they appeared in the video.

Last month, the head of the investigations office of the General Attorney revealed that the terrorists who were involved in the crime were arrested.

Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous said in a statement that one of Daesh elements told them in the investigations that he witnessed the crime and participated in burying the victims.

The statement stated that the investigations had led to revealing the mass grave where the victims were buried after executing them.

It is worth mentioning that Daesh published a video on 15/Feb/2015 showing the crime of killing the 21 victims.

The element said that “in December 2014 I was sleeping at the headquarters of the Bureau of the immigration in Al-Saba area in Sirte when the emir of the bureau, Hashem Abu-Sedra, woke me up and told me to prepare the car and the tools to go to the seaside behind Al-Mahari Hotel in Sirte.”

He added that “when we reached the place, I saw some of Daesh elements wearing black uniforms and 21 persons wearing orange uniforms. I knew then that they were 20 Egyptians and one African.”

He reported that “I stood up behind the cameras with other elements including the North African leader, Abu-Almughira Al-Qahtani. Then I knew that it was the scene of killing the victims.”

He stated that “in there was a machine of two bars with a moving rail on the top and a chair was put over. The emir of the media bureau, Mohamed Towaib, was setting on that machine holding a long moving arm for the camera. A Saudi element named Abu-Abdulla Al-Tashadi was helping Towaib in recording the scene.”

The element said that “there was another camera on the beach, and the directors were Abu-Mouath Al-Tekriti who was ordering the prefect of Tripoli, Abu-Amer Al-Jazrawi, to talk to the camera.”

The element continued saying that “suddenly, the team stopped filming because one of the victims tried to counter, but Towaib beat him.”

He added that “after slaughtering the victims, they beheaded them and put their heads on the bodies. In the end, Al-Jazrawi changed his place in front of the sea and started talking to the camera. That was the last thing in filming.”

The element stated that “after filming, the elements took off their masks,” adding that he knew some of them, they were: Waleed Al-Furgani, Jafar Azzouz, Abu-Laith Al-Noflea, Abu-Osama Al-Erhabi (Tunisian), Abu-Hafs Al-Tunisi, and others of black skins.

The element said that “at the end, Al-Qahtani ordered us to evacuate the place. I helped in relocating the bodies of the victims under the leadership of the emir El-Mahdi Dango to bury the bodies in another place.”

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