Saturday , 12 June 2021
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Explosion in Abu-Ghrara Shrine in Tripoli

An unknown group exploded the shrine of Abu-Ghrara in Souq Al-Juma in Tripoli, on Friday.

The Special Deterrence Force that led by Abdul-Raouf Kara confirmed in a statement, on Friday, that it has no relation to the explosion, pointing that it had started its investigations on the issue to find and arrest the perpetrators.

The Special Deterrence Force issued its statement after circulated news on the social media accusing it of carrying out the terrorist operation.

It stated that the ones who had implemented the operation wanted to exploit the activities of the Special Deterrence Force to prevent armed groups from occupying the area of Al-Ghrarat to besiege Tripoli.

It is worth mentioning that there were clashes erupted in the area, Tuesday morning, between the Special Deterrence Force and others accused of selling drugs. The clashes resulted in killing one person and wounding three from the forces of the Special Deterrence Force.

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