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Man-Made River company says water will be in Tripoli homes “within three days”

The water supply will be back in people’s homes in of Tripoli within less than three days, according to the north area manager of the Man Made Rive company, Mahmud Abu Aisha.

“The reason for the delay to water arriving in the capital after finishing the maintenance works a few days ago was due to the incidents that happened in area,” he told the Libya Herald this evening.

He was referring to the armed gang that last week attacked an electricity control room in the Shwerif area that oversees the power supply to the pumps on the MMR pipeline in a bid to secure the release of its leader Mabrouk Ahnish. Homes in the city which depend on the MMR supply have now been without water for 10 days. It is the longest period without water the city has suffered since the revolution.

The time taken for water to reach Tripoli, Abu Aisha added, depended on the amount of water fed into the pipelines at Shwerif, Bani Walid and Tarhuna.

“There is a link connecting Tarhuna valley with the Sidi Saih basin [55 kilometres south of Tripoli] and once the water reaches it, then it will almost automatically be inside homes in Tripoli,” he explained.

Abu Aisha was the head of the technical team that headed two weeks ago to the Shwerif area, halfway between Tripoli and Sebha, to make necessary maintenance to the water infrastructure there.

” The scheduled plan for our team to finalise the maintenance was nine days, but we finished it in six, due to the scare we had with it being attacked.”

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