Friday , 30 October 2020
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Blackwater offers to end Libya’s migration dilemma

The founder of the private military contractor Blackwater, Erik Prince, has proposed a plan to intervene in the migrant crisis in Libya with a proposal involving a privately-trained police force that would mirror his company’s work in Afghanistan.

Blackwater’s proposal is ” more humanitarian option for the European Union compared to the chaos that is now gripping the oil-rich nation, given widespread reports of grave human rights abuses by militia groups against migrants.” He said according to The Guardian.

Prince added, The Gaurdian reported, that it would be relatively easy for his company, Frontier Services Group, to stop, detain, house and “repatriate” hundreds of thousands of African migrants who are seeking a path to Europe through Libya.

“He has also proposed to do so for a “fraction” of the price the EU is spending on boats that intercept migrant vessels in the Mediterranean.” The newspaper reported.

“The traffic of human beings from Sudan, Chad, Niger is an industrial process,” he told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. “To stop it, you have to create a Libyan border police along the southern border.” The Guardian reported.

He also suggested that his plan would be more “humane and professional” than the programmes that are being supported by the EU to try to stop the flow of migrants.

The African and European Union agreed with Libya on Wednesday to carry out a plan to evacuate the stranded migrants in the country.

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