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Leaked phone calls show ICC fugitive Al-Werfalli’s defiance to surrender

Two leaked phone calls surfaced on social media and locla media outlets over the last few days showed a conversation between the commander at Saiqa Forces of the Operation Dignity in Benghazi, Mahmoud Al-Werfalli and Oun Al-Furjani; the head of Khalifa Haftar’s Office.

In the conversation, Al-Werfalli lashed out at Al-Furjani for what he said plots by Haftar’s General Command and other Operation Dignity commanders to arrest him or kill him after the mounting “accusations” directed at him that he was behind mass killings and war crimes in the eastern region.

Al-Werfalli has two International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrants on him, he has been urged to surrender by the ICC Prosecutor many times since last August, but neither he nor Haftar – his leader – answered the ICC request for his surrender.

Al-Werfalli told Haftar’s secretary on the phone that he cannot be arrested by any one in Libya especially in the east, he said nobody can ever do harm to him, rejecting calling him as a war criminals, saying what he is doing is killing the “Kharijites” (the infidels)

ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda called on the UN Security Council to help its investigation in war crimes and crimes against humanity in Libya, urging in a meeting this month all countries and the UN to help bring Al-Werfalli and other war criminals in Libya to justice.

Bensouda urged Haftar from the UN Security Council to surrender Al-Werfalli, whom she said was free and could be committing more crimes.

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