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Qassem says CNN report on slave trafficking is fabricated

The spokesperson of the Libyan Navy Forces, Ayoub Qassem, said, in a press release, that the CNN TV report on slave trafficking in Libya was a fabrication and a false accusation. He added that Libya is doing its best in fighting the illegal migration.

Qassem stated that many international organisations accuse Libya of violating the human rights despite the Libyan and the coast guards’ efforts in dealing with the issue of the illegal migration. He stressed that the Libyan authorities should refuse these accusations instead of announcing that they open investigations on the matter.

In the same context, the head of the Justice and Construction Party, Mohamed Sowane, said that exploiting the political circumstances in Libya makes some countries look for justifications to intervene in Libya.

Sowane stated that Libya is the first victim of the illegal migration crisis, adding that the allegations of the existence of slave trafficking are not reliable because there is no firm evidence. He said that Libya is a country of transit and not a source of migrants who have no stability in Libya to stay.

Sowane called the United Nations to support the Libyan authorities without violating its sovereignty to reach the stability as it is the only solution to end the illegal migration. He pointed that the source countries in Africa and the targeted countries in Europe, as well as the international organisations, should cooperate to eliminate this phenomenon.

Officially, the Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Aref Al-Khoja, confirmed that the results of the investigations on the issue are going to be ready soon.

Al-Khoja said that he had issued orders to form investigation committees to come to the truth and arrest the criminals to the judgement.

Al-Khoja said that the Libyan state wouldn’t accept dealing with the issue only through the compassionate way.

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