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France contributes 200,000 Euros to Libya’s electoral fund

Brigitte Curma, France’s Ambassador to Libya, agreed to contribute €200,000 to the Libyan Electoral Project Fund, Tuesday.

According to a statement from the UN mission, the project aims to strengthen the capacity of the High National Elections Commission in Libya so that it can manage the electoral operations that are expected to be run in 2018.

At the ceremony, with Maria do Valle Ribeiro, Deputy UN Special Envoy and the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme,  the French Ambassador articulated the the importance of High National Elections Commission work.

The Deputy UN Special Envoy drew attention to the fact that elections are part of an important step in the democratic process in Libya since they can help restore the people’s trust in national institutions.

She added that the project would also support political parties and civil society organisations in order to  inclusive, transparent, and credible elections.

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