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Tawergha IDPs to go back home next February, says Al-Sarraj

The Chairman of the Presidential Council, Fayaz Al-Sarraj, has set the first of February 2018 as a date for the return of Tawergha IDPs to their home town within the framework of achieving national reconciliation.

In a statement on Tuesday, Al-Sarraj pointed out that the date was chosen in implementation of the deal, which was reached by representatives of the cities of Misrata and Tawergha to develop a mechanism for the return of the IDPs.

He expressed his appreciation to all those who had made the reconciliation possible and gave special praise to the people of the two cities who rose to this occasion.

He revealed that he had issued a resolution in coordination with the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya Al-Saddik Al-Kabir to allocate of the necessary compensations for the damage incurred on both sides and to initiate the disbursement of the first instalment of the value.

He also gave orders to all state security and service institutions to ensure appropriate security conditions for their return and to secure their rights to a decent living.

The statement indicated that another decision was issued to form a joint committee comprising representatives of the two cities under the chairmanship of the Minister of State for Refugees and Displaced Affairs and Minister of Local Government to implement all obligations resulting from the agreement during the coming year.

Al-Sarraj called on all those keen on the unity, integrity and stability of the country to contribute to the success and activation of this agreement, saying this day marks an important step on the path of national reconciliation and healing of wounds.

He called on all parties to look to the future and to tend to overlook the difficult past, pledging to make every effort to bring back all displaced Libyans inside and outside the country.

Misrata and Tawergha signed an agreement earlier this year to facilitate the return of the Tawergha IDPs to their home town during last Ramadan.

However, the agreement failed to meet the expectations of the awaiting displaced families after the refusal of a number of citizens from Misrata for the return process on the pretext of the absence of any party that could ensure the safety of the returnees, the failure to activate the reparation accord and the failure to bring the guilty individuals from Tawergha to justice, whom they said were the main reason for Tawergha suffering.


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