Wednesday , 20 October 2021
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Benghazi University student abducted by militiamen at campus

Unknown assailants driving a four-wheel drive vehicle at the Benghazi University campus forced a student into their vehicle and then drove off to an unknown destination on Sunday.

Sources at the university stated that an unknown four-wheel drive vehicle with tinted windows was driving around the campus over the past few days.

The sources added that vehicles with these details have become more prominent yet they have no official badge, labels or license plates.

One of the cars was reported to have been showing off amongst the traffic congestion in one of the university`s squares, prompting one of the students to protest, which resulted in the driver exiting his vehicle and attacking the student verbally then forcing him with the help of his militiamen into the vehicle and rushing off out of the university.

His fate and whereabouts are not yet known.


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