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Assassinations in Benghazi against the candidates

A car bomb exploded, on Saturday, in a busy market in Solug area, the south west of the city of Benghazi.

Solug Municipality Council confirmed that there was no any human injury after the explosion.

Sources in the area said that the explosion occurred nearby one of the Sheikhs of Al-Awageer tribe who was willing to become a candidate in the general elections in Libya.

It is essential mentioning that the director of the Education Office of Al-Abiar area, south-east Benghazi, Salah Gleawan Al-Gatrani, was assassinated in front of his house.

Sources close to Al-Gatrani said that he announced that he would participate in the elections as a candidate because he was very popular in the area.

The sources stated that Al-Gatrani was threatened and warned not to go for elections because there is a particular person was appointed to become the candidate for the area.

In the same context, the sources added that a force affiliated with the Dignity Operation that led by General Khalifa Haftar tried to arrest Al-Gatrani, last Wednesday, and after resisting them the shot him and died in the hospital.

The sources clarified that the boycotting member of the Presidential Council (PC), Ali Al-Gatrani, is one of the most prominent candidates and supported by Haftar.

From his side, Haftar announced last month that he accepts holding general elections in Libya despite his supporters’ movement against the elections in Benghazi.

Haftar said that he would accept the results of the election but if they are rigged he would accept mandating him to become the president of Libya without elections.

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