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Haftar a ‘threat’ to Libya’s Amazigh

Military strongman Khalifa Haftar and his self-styled Libyan National Army pose a serious threat to Libya’s Amazigh community, the Amazigh Supreme Council in Libya announced last week.

The council highlighted the threat against the community and explained that the fears exist because of the Amazigh’s rejection of the return of military rule and “terrorist ideology”.

In a statement, the council detailed the violations committed by Haftar’s forces against the Amazigh including the latest case of abduction of an Amazigh activist, Rabee Al-Jayash, in Benghazi last week after he was seen speaking and writing in the Amazigh language.

The case of an imam of a mosque who was abducted along with three other companions in the town of Tandmira and tortured because they belonged to an Ibadi sect of Islam was also highlighted.

“The international community must intervene and protect Amazigh people in Libya as per the conventions and treaties signed by Libya,” the statement continued, calling on the Amazigh not to be provoked by the threats they face.

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