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Beshr fears of Daesh incursion through illegal migration

The head of the illegal migration device, Mohamed Beshr, praised the Italian role in supporting Libya to fight the illegal migration and human trafficking phenomenon. He considered Italy as one of the best countries in helping Libya and supporting the Libyan authorities.

Beshr stressed told an Egyptian newspaper that Italy coordinated with the Government of National Accord (GNA) to fight the phenomenon that threats Europe. He clarified that Rome provided medical and humanitarian support to Libya to help Sabratha and Zuwara cities.

Beshr denied the circulated news that talked about the existence of Italian military base in southern Libya.

Beshr said that the Libyan authorities had formed investigation committees to study the crime of human trafficking, pointing that the committees are still working and investigating.

He stated that since he was appointed to become the head of the device, last April, the number of the illegal immigrants decreased.

He clarified that many other countries had promised to support the Libyan but hadn’t kept their promises. The only country kept the promises is Italy.

Beshr said that it is possible to discover elements from Daesh to enter Libya through the drifts of the illegal migrants in an attempt to reach Europe.

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