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Libya eastern forces apprehend entire family over daughter’s Facebook posts

Forces from 106 Brigade led by Khalifa Haftar’s son and other forces from military intelligence at the self-styled army of Haftar stormed into Colonel Sayeed Al-Farsi’s house on Sunday and arrested all of the family including wife, daughters, sources from Benghazi reported.

The Colonel himself was arrested Sunday morning as he refused to turn in his daughter Nadeen, whom Dignity Operation forces accuse of criticizing Haftar on her Facebook page.

A political activist on social media, Nadeen, who is known for her criticism of Haftar and his Dignity Operation, said in a press statement, before she was apprehended that the reason behind her father’s arrest was her criticism of Haftar and his military forces, including Ahmed Al-Mismari.

“They issued an arrest order of me five days ago by intelligence officer Salim Al-Abdalli and then they arrested my father to press me into turning myself in to the military intelligence bureau.” Nadeen said before she was arrested, adding that her father received a call from Ali Beliblo – the head of the military intelligence office – then they took him without giving them reasons.

Four daughters and two sons of 12 and 9 years with the wife of Al-Farsi were all arrested, according to the eldest son of the Al-Farsis Ezzeddin, who happened to be outside at the time of the arrest.

Haftar’s forces launched last year an online unit that is tasked with following on the websites and social media pages of “traitors and agents” who criticize “general command” arresting since then a number of activists, whose whereabouts are not known yet.

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