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Tawerghan IDPs to return to their town on Thursday

The Tawergha Detainees and Missing Persons Association announced that the IDPs of the town will start their return towards their homes from various parts of the country on Thursday.

Preparations for the return process have been made by Tawergha Local Council, in addition to a media committee to cover the event of the return, the Association said.

The Association clarified that the departure point of the Tawergha IDPs in the western region will be from Garabulli town via Khums, Zliten, and Misrata before arriving in Tawergha, while the route from south of Tripoli will be through Tarhuna and Bani Walid, up to Tawergha.

The Association also said that the starting point of Tawergha IDPs in the eastern region would be from Benghazi, through Ajdabiya, Ben Jawad, Harawah, Sirte, New Hisha, and on to Tawergha.

The Local Council of Tawergha had informed the municipalities on the coastal line in the eastern area with the scheduled date of the return and called on them to facilitate and secure their passage to their destination.

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