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Libyan execution officer Ourfali surrenders following ICC charges

The Libyan army’s special forces officer, Mahmoud al-Ourfali, said on Tuesday evening in a videotaped message that he has surrendered himself to the General Command of the army.

Ourfali will be investigated on the charges levelled against him by the International Criminal Court.

Ourfali said he was surrendering “in order to comply with Commander General Khalifa Haftar’s orders.” At an earlier time, Hafer ordered Ourfali’s immediate arrest to complete investigations into ICC charges.

The ICC has issued a number of arrest warrants against Ourfali after several video clips surfaced purportedly showing him executing terrorists.

The most recent memorandum was issued by the prosecutor at the International Tribunal last month asking the Libyan authorities to hand over Ourfali to the court after the release of his last video.

In the concerned footage Ourfali is seen executing 10 ISIS militants in front of a mosque in Benghazi.

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