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Four civilians wounded in Libya eastern forces shelling on Derna

Four people were injured in heavy artillery shelling on Derna by armed groups of the eastern forces of Khalifa Haftar.

Residents in Derna reported that the shelling targeted Sayeda Khadija neighborhood in the city on Sunday.

The security chief in Derna, Yehya Osta Omar, told the press that four shells launched by Haftar-led armed groups fell on the neighborhood in western Derna.

Omar added that the neighborhood targeted by the shelling is a residential area for workers of Derna steam power plant, adding that the shelling left material damage in some locations, pointing out the injury of a wife and a husband as well as their daughter as a shell fell on their house.

For months, Haftar’s forces have been tightening the siege on Derna with recurrent shelling of certain locations inside the city, while at the same time preventing fuel, foods and other basic needs from entering the city.

Over the last week, the self-styled army led by warlord Haftar started to mobilize fighters and send them to Derna suburbs, with Haftar calling on the resident to surrender their weapons.

The encirclement of Haftar’s forces, however, lingers despite the calls of the local and international organizations, the PC and the High Council of State to deescalate and end the conflict by dialogue, yet the inflexibility of the so-called eastern general command only worsened the crisis with no solutions in the horizon.

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