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EU kick-starts new program to enhance services in Libyan cities

The European Union launched Monday a new program worth €50 million, to improve the living conditions and resilience of vulnerable populations in key Libyan municipalities.

The EU said in a statement on its website that the program has been adopted under the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (North of Africa window).

The EU said that the program will benefit migrants, refugees, Internally Displaced Persons, returnees and host communities (Libyans) alike.

“Formulated jointly by the European Commission and Italy, the new program will enhance access to basic and social services for vulnerable people and support local governance, in particular in the Libyan municipalities most affected by migratory flows.” The EU explained.

The EU statement also remarked that the new program will support the capacities of local public authorities and administrations in providing basic services – health, education, water and sanitation as well as social services – while improving timely and quality access to these services, in particular for the most vulnerable people.

“It will cover 24 Libyan municipalities, ensuring a wide and balanced coverage across the country.” The EU statement reads.

The program comes as part of a comprehensive approach to support Libya and joint efforts with Italy, the EU added, pointing out that it will expand both geographically and financially the support provided by the EU to Libyan municipalities across the country, and in particular, along the main migration routes.

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