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Serraj continues efforts to bring ceasefire to Sebha fighting

The spokesperson for the President of the Presidential Council, Faiez Serraj, said that the newly-formed Committee to deal with the crisis in the south of Libya under the direct auspices of Faiez Serraj, is continuing to pursue its actions and endeavours to achieve a cease fire in the region.

The statement comes on the back of continued fighting over the whole of last week in Sebha with reports of gunfire and shells falling indiscriminately on civilians.

Speaking on Sebha at today’s lunchtime press conference held at the Prime Minister’s Office in Tripoli, Serraj’s spokesperson, Mohammed Al-Salaak, said that efforts are continuing to ‘‘activate the truce, and to communicate with all parties, without exception, discrimination or bias, in order to create a climate of appeasement, pave the way for a serious dialogue leading to reconciliation that leads to the desired stability’’.

Al-Salak added that the Committee’s efforts were based on the humanitarian side in terms of caring for the wounded and injured, delivering medicines and medical supplies, and opening up service paths for citizens.

He added that Serraj had instructed the Western military region to secure the arrival of the fuel tanks to the south, which had arrived specifically in Sabha and Al-Shati. He admitted that one fuel truck was taken by force by an armed group.

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