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HoR term ends in August, it has done nothing for Libya: Ageela Saleh

Ageela Saleh, the head of the House of Representatives (HoR), said that the term of the HoR will end in August, having completed its four-year term since it started its work on 4 August 2014.

Salah made the statement yesterday in his opening remarks of the HoR’s session in Tobruk called to debate the parliament’s relocation to Benghazi. The session was abandoned as only 13 members had turned up.

Saleh said that the election of a new parliament could end the institutional divide in Libya. He called on HoR members to make decisive decisions for the country and work for the speedy adoption of laws for parliamentary and presidential elections.

In a reprimanding tone, Saleh said that “the HoR has given nothing to this country, and we have only to hold presidential elections,”. He stressed that the international community also wanted to hold elections.

Saleh said the HoR was not able to approve the referendum law needed to approve the draft constitution because many members were absent, noting that members were only present when they received their salaries.

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