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Tripoli removes sandy blocks after the end of clashes

The forces of Tripoli Central Security started, on Tuesday, to remove the sandy blocks and open the ways in the areas of Salahuddin and the AirPort way after the end of the clashes and the withdrawal of Al-Somoud Brigade from Al-Naqlia Camp. The Seventh Brigade also had withdrawn to Tarhuna city from the areas of Wadi Al-Rabie, Ain Zara and Al-Yarmouk Camp in south-east Tripoli.


It is worth mentioning that the clashes started in these areas on 27 August and killed more than 115 persons, civilians and armed, and injured nearly 400 people.

The clashes caused horror and panic among the civilians. Hundreds of families left their houses looking for safer places to keep away from missiles and bombs.

The security authorities called the displaced families to return safely to their houses.

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