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Tripoli’s atrocious violence ends

Tripoli Protection Force, affiliated with Libya’s UN-backed unity government, assumed control of the capital’s southern districts on Tuesday, according to a local security source.

The force assumed control of Tripoli’s Al-qaklia military camp following the withdrawal of forces led by commander of Al-Summod Brigade, Salah Badi.

Abdul-Basid Marwan, a military commander in Tripoli told reporters that all fighting in the city had ended while all roads had been reopened.

The Tarhouna-based Seventh Brigade also withdrew to its city from all positions in southern Tripoli districts.

While the reason for the surprise end of clashes and the pullouts is still unclear, observers say the commanders and other senior leaders of both attacking and defending forces in the capital feared the serious threats posed by UNSMIL and UN Security Council as well as western countries, which all demanded listing them for sanctions in the Security Council and at the International criminal court.

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