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UN sanctions Libyan brigade leader Salah Badi

The UN Security Council has sanctioned the commander of Al-Sumood Brigade, Salah Badi, citing his “role in undermining stability and security in Libya.”

“The UK – along with our US & French partners – has secured United Nations Security Council agreement to sanction Salah Badi under the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 2213 (2015).” The UK Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

“We will continue to hold to account those seeking to undermine stability and security in Libya.” It added.

The UK’s resolution says that “In August and September 2018, Salah Badi played a leading role in heavy clashes in Tripoli in which at least 120 people were killed, most of whom were civilians.”

The sanctions will subject Salah Badi to a travel ban and asset freeze.

“This sends a clear message from the international community that acts of violence against the Libyan people will not be tolerated. The UK will not allow those seeking to obstruct peace and stability in Libya to act with impunity.” The statement added.

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