Saturday , 6 March 2021
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ISIS kills 6 captives abducted from Libya’s Fuqaha town

The municipality of Jufra confirmed Sunday that ISIS militants had killed 6 people whom they kidnapped from Fuqaha town late last October.

The mayor of Jufra Othman Hassouna told reporters that 6 out of 10 persons were executed by ISIS terrorists, who attacked the town on October 29.

ISIS militants want to exchange the remaining four persons with terrorists detained by forces led by Khalifa Haftar, Hassouna added.

Four people were killed and 10 kidnapped by ISIS in Jufra last October after seizing control of the town of Fuqaha for hours.

Several families have left the town and others are still scared of an imminent ISIS attack as the authorities have taken no action to deter other attacks.

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