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Haftar’s loyalists seize houses in Libya’s Derna

Houses and different properties of Derna residents have been seized by militia fighters under the command of Khalifa Haftar, sources close to Haftar’s self-styled army reported.

The sources added that the seizure included under construction houses known as Korean Buildings.

“Thugs are seizing control of properties owned by residents at Korean Buildings compound since last November and there has been no social or official condemnation of it.” The sources remarked.

They also found it strange that Derna municipality or elders as well as the social media activists had never brought up the seizure of properties for public condemnation only because they fear retaliatory actions by the thieves.

Other sources from Derna said fighters loyal to Haftar had burnt several houses in Jayish street in Wasit Al-Blad neighborhood in the city, describing the act as a cleansing campaign.

Other militia fighters had been given the green light by their superiors to enter houses of displaced people and live in them.

Since the advance of Haftar’s forces on the city in eastern Libya in last May, many thefts, crimes, murders and kidnappings have been reported, besides the tremendous destruction in one of its archaeological sites.

Derna’s fate hasn’t been dissimilar to that of Benghazi, which has seen over the years since May 2014 great destruction, murders, kidnaps and displacement, among other atrocities.

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