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HCS head: referendum law on the constitution is contrary to the political agreement

President of the High Council of State (HCS), Khalid al-Mishri, said that the amendments to the Constitutional declaration made by the House of Representatives (HoR), are contrary to the political agreement, noting that this agreement is the only way to a common political formula.

This came during a press conference following the 36th session of the HCS, which was held at its HQ in Tripoli on Monday, to discuss the restructuring of the executive branch, in addition to the constitutional amendment X and XI issued by the HoR .

Al-Mishri pointed out that the amendment of the political agreement’s articles will cancel the original version, stressing the objection of the HCS on dividing Libya into three constituencies.

The HoR has approved in a meeting held on November 26, the constitutional amendment, which includes the fortification of Article VI of the referendum law, which requires the division of the country into three circles.

It was also stipulated that the draft constitution would have to reach 50 + 1 in each region, which is two-thirds of the people nationwide.

“The HCS have tried to reach out to the HoR, in order to reach a sound mechanism to ensure the referendum on the Constitution and the amendment of the executive branch to become composed of a president and two deputies, Al-Mishri said.

He also expressed his disapproval of issuing these amendments without referring to the HCS to agree on the form of the state, regarding whether to divide it into several electoral districts or to adopt a single electoral constituency, considering dividing the country into three constituencies to be contrary to the constitutional declaration.

The HCS’s head pointed out that the new amendment did not clarify in the case the constitution was refused by the Libyan people that it will be referred to the Constitution Drafting Assembly, unlike the first amendment.

He also pointed out that the referendum law provided that the vote was not to be with a yes or no, but rather with yes or (no with stating the reason of refusal), noting that this had never occurred in any previous referendum.

Al-Mishri stressed their demand to form a mini-presidential council consisting of a president and two deputies and an independent prime minister, emphasizing the HCS’s desire to go to parliamentary and presidential elections as soon as possible.

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