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Libya’s Parliament accuses “certain parties” of protracting political stalemate

The House of Representatives (HoR) has claimed that certain parties in Libya wish to prolong the status quo in the country, keeping it trapped in a political stalemate and hindering the political process “especially after the HoR has passed the 11th and 12th constitutional amendments.”

According to observers, the statements of the HoR reflects the political isolation it is going through, citing a “sentimental statement issued by the HoR just reminiscent of its previous achievements.”

“The HoR is trying to blame certain parties for the hindrance of the political process saying they are trying to destroy this country and the people’s democratic wishes.” The observes add.

The HoR’s statement came hours after a statement by the High Council of State (HCS) which rejected the amendments passed by the parliament for the referendum law and the reorganization of the executive authority in Libya.

The amendments to the constitutional declaration were made last week by the HoR and they include a law for holding a constitution referendum.

The amendment statement said at the time, referring to the HCS, that despite the fact that the second party isn’t legitimate and has ultimate foreign support, the HoR gave concessions to end the crisis in Libya.

Besides the HCS, many parties and individuals in Libya refused the amendments, including members from the HoR itself. They considered the amendments a political chaos and an attempt to prolong the mandate of the parliament and remain power.

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