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Horror after gunfire inside the ICU of Benghazi’s Jala Hospital

A militia group in Benghazi stormed Tuesday the city’s Jala Hospital for Accidents and caused horror by gunfire inside the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the management of the hospital reported.

It said a group of outlaws were prevented from entering the ICU, but they broke in and started to fire, causing panic among the patients and doctors.

“This dire situation continues without a radical solution to these violations.” The management added, without elaborating on the identity of the gunmen and the reason why they wanted to enter the ICU.

The incident comes despite the new announced the Interior Ministry of east-based government to deter the criminals and outlaws, following an unprecedented wave of violence and crimes as well as armed robberies by militia groups.

Last week, the Interior Ministry chief of Benghazi Security Directorate Salah Huwaidi for his failure to deter the criminals, de facto militia groups linked to Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army.

The eastern region is controlled by Khalifa Haftar’s militia groups, which claim that Benghazi and the entire eastern region are “safer than the other Libyan cities, especially after defeating terrorism.”

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