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Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade: Weak ceasefire agreement caused renewed clashes

The senior leader at the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade Atif Bergig said lack of real settlement and compromise for the previous clashes in Tripoli in August 2018 sparked a new war and violated the ceasefire.

Speaking to a local media outlet, Bergig said the security arrangements that were approved in Al-Zawiya under the auspices of the UNSMIL had not been implemented well, except for the return of armed formations to their positions.

“Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade is not in favor for war neither entering Tripoli by force and clashes.” He added.

Bergig also criticized the Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha and said his policies are defiant to the armed formations inside Tripoli, adding that Bashagha has no choice but to rely on the armed groups in Tripoli or bring others from other cities.

“Armed factions must be reorganized. They should be appointed to do tasks instead of eliminated. Thus a force that has the acceptance in Tripoli and by Tripoli people should be tasked with the control of the Tripoli International Airport.” He explained, saying Bashagha’s policies could cost him his position as his predecessor.

Meanwhile, the commander of the western military zone Osama Juwaily said he had expected the fresh clashes in Tripoli’s southern areas.

“The fighting was caused due to the lack of a radical solution to the crisis, not to mention crime, banditry, and the security vacuum in the areas of clashes.” Juwaily remarked.

He added that the solution might be to appoint a force that can mediate between the conflicting forces with ceasefire monitoring teams, saying that this was the solution on the table last August, but the fighting parties reject the western zone forces to play a mediator.

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