Tuesday , 3 August 2021
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TPF rejects the state militarisation by Haftar’s forces

The Tripoli Protection Force (TPF) has strongly condemned in a statement on Thursday the military operation carried out by Khalifa Haftar, the leader of Operation Dignity, describing it as a trail to destroy the Libyan people’s capabilities. They are alarmed after the implementation of foreign agendas aiming at dispersing the unified Libyan people.

TPF state that it will remain suspicious and is on look out for any act targeting the south and all Libyan towns, implicitly referring to the warlord Haftar.

According to the statement, Tripoli Protection Forces boosts the peaceful rotation of power as Libyan people determine their fate via free and fair elections.

The statement praised the sacrifices that Libyan people have made, to put an end to the dictatorship for 40 years and replacing it with peace, security and prosperity by building the state of law and institutions.

At the end of the statement, TPF commemorated Libyan people in time for the anniversary of the February revolution – which was erupted against the tyranny, will not allow it to be practiced again.

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