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Six Libyan political parties agree Charter of Honour

Six Libyan political parties signed a code of ethics or charter of honour yesterday governing interaction between national Libyan political parties and organizations.

The agreement is based on a joint belief that national political parties and organizations are the basic instrument for building a democratic Libyan state, the joint statement said.

The agreement is reported to be the culmination of more than two years of work in order to reach agreement on a number of general principles.

The national political parties and organizations that signed the charter affirmed that this charter is not their monopoly. It called on the other Libyan political parties and organizations to sign it to promote a democratic political life that ensures the peaceful circulation of power, the renunciation of violence and the policy of exclusion, marginalization, alienation and domination.

The signatory parties ssid the signing of this charter comes at a time when Libya is undergoing a political divide that has led to the deterioration of the standard of living and increased suffering of the citizen, and this requires intensifying the efforts of all Libyans to get the country out of its crisis.

The six parties that signed the charter are:

1. The Federal Assembly.
2-The Middle Youth Stream.
3. The National Movement Yes Libya.
4. The Change party.
5. The National Forces Alliance party.
6. The Justice and Construction party.

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