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Haftar’s attack on Tripoli residential areas is war crime, PC member says

The member of the Presidential Council Mohammed Ammari said targeting densely populated areas in Tripoli by Khalifa Haftar’s forces is a war crime, which adds up to the crimes committed by Haftar.

Ammari told Al-Jazeera TV Channel that the targeting of residential areas is a desperate attack by Haftar on Tripoli’s residents’ morale.

He added that the shelling on Tripoli’s houses is a revenge attempt by Haftar for the shooting down of a fighter jet from his Air Force on Sunday in Wadi Rabea in southern Tripoli.

“The government will defeat Haftar’s forces and will try him in international courts for war crimes.” Ammari added.

Haftar’s forces targeted Sunday Abu Salim area and a field hospital in Ain Zara in Tripoli with Grad rockets, causing deaths among Libyan Army fighters under Presidential Council’s command, who were receiving treatment in the hospital, besides material damage in Akwakh neighborhood in Abu Salim.

A fighter for Haftar’s forces named Zakariya Al-Aqouri appeared in a video threatening Tripoli residents of bombings and rockets to fall on their houses and other vital buildings in the capital.

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