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Libya’s Foreign Minister says he urged UN Security Council to condemn Haftar for recruiting children

The Libyan Foreign Minister of the Presidential Council Mohammed Sayala has stated that the government has sent a letter to the UN Security Council that urges for condemning Khalifa Haftar for his recruitment of underaged boys within his forces in the attack on Tripoli, in addition to his forces’ airstrikes and shelling on civilian areas in the capital.

These remarks came in a joint press conference in Tripoli with the Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha, and Deputy Health Minister Mohammed Issa, CEO of the General Electricity Company of Libya Abdelmajid Hamza and Education Minister Othamn Abdeljalil as well as the head of the field medical center in Tripoli.

“Haftar’s forces even targeted school books’ storages in Tripoli, threatening the start of next year’s school for all students.” Sayala remarked.

He added that Libya, with the help of the UK and Germany as well as other countries, is trying to condemn Haftar’s attack in the UN Security Council.

“It’s not acceptable to make equal the attackers and the defenders of Tripoli.” He explained.

Meanwhile, the Interior Minister called on the forces under the command of Haftar, including pilots, to surrender to the Presidential Council’s commanded Libyan Army forces, saying they will be treated with manners and respect.

“Our ministry is working on monitoring and depicting any movements for terrorists in the capital and elsewhere in coordination with the security and judicial apparatuses as well as in coordination with the US intelligence.” Bashagha remarked.

He explained that defending Tripoli will end only when Haftar’s attacking forces retreat or surrender.

In the meantime, the Deputy Health Minister said the death toll of southern Tripoli and its suburbs’ clashes reached 76 and over 475 injuries.

“Medical supplies and needed medicines are available in all hospitals and medical centers.” He added, saying no medical distance is needed, rather a critical international support for stopping the war is needed.

The CEO of GECOL said it is expected that a total blackout will descend on the capital if the fighting lingers longer as the power network has suffered many damages in the clashes.


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