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UK drafts resolution at UN Security Council for immediate ceasefire in Tripoli

A proposed UN resolution demands that all parties in Libya immediately de-escalate the fighting and commit to a ceasefire, with the number of displaced people in the battle for control of the capital Tripoli estimated at nearly 20,000.

The British-drafted resolution, circulated to Security Council members and obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press, also calls on all parties to immediately recommit to attending a UN-facilitated political dialogue “and work toward a comprehensive political solution to the crisis in Libya.”

The draft resolution expresses “grave concern” at military activity near Tripoli, which began after Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army — aligned with a rival government in the east — launched its offensive on April 3.

The internationally supported, UN-backed government, is based in Tripoli.

It says the offensive “threatens the stability of Libya” and prospects for the national dialogue and a political solution in Libya, and has had a “serious humanitarian impact.”

Diplomats told Reuters the draft text could be put to a vote as early as this week. A resolution needs nine votes in favour and no vetoes by the United States, Britain, France, Russia or China to pass.

The Security Council is divided over Haftar’s offensive.

Haftar is supported by Saudi Arabia, Russia, France, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

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