Wednesday , 17 July 2019
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Libyan Military Prosecutor issues arrest warrant of Haftar

The Tripoli-based Military Prosecutor has issued arrest warrants of Khalifa Haftar and others under his command for war crimes and recruiting underaged boys in his attack on Tripoli. 

The Military prosecutor also issued arrest warrants of six others; Abdelsalam Al-Hassi, Saqir Al-Juroushi, Al-Sadiq Al-Mizwaghi, Mohammed Al-Manfour, Amer Al-Jagum, and Jamal Bin Amer.

This came after the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj vowed to ask the prosecution office to document war crimes of bombing Mitiga Airport and the overnight Grad attacks which killed and injured tens of civilians to bring the perpetrators to justice, especially their leader Haftar.

It’s worth mentioning that Haftar’s Military Prosecutor in eastern Libya issued several arrest warrants last week of many Government of National Accord’s officials, including Al-Sirraj, and military as well as civilians operating in the western region.

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