Sunday , 19 September 2021
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UN mission in Libya condemns targeting medical personnel

UNSMIL said it is deeply concerned at a series of serious incidents which have taken place in the last few days in and around Tripoli.

“UNSMIL is very concerned at the report of the kidnapping of a member of the High Council of State from the Qasir Benghashir neighbourhood in Tripoli.” It added in a statement on Sunday.

UNSMIL also added that it was concerned regarding the airstrike on the Rexos compound in Tripoli, a civilian facility located in a high populated area that has been used by members of the House of Representatives for meetings.

It indicated that shelling civilian targets and the kidnapping of civilians including political actors sends a worryingly anti-democratic message.

“The reported two attacks against ambulances carrying medical staff causing the death of two health workers and injury to others are of serious concern.” UNSMIL explained.

The UN mission said that medical facilities and personnel are strictly protected under IHL and these attacks could constitute war crimes.

“UNSMIL is working with parties on the ground to acquire the evidence necessary to prosecute all of those proved to have been involved in these violations and all other incidents against the civilian population and civilian infrastructure.” The statement adds.

UNSMIL called once again for all those arbitrarily detained and abducted to be immediately released, and reminds all parties to the conflict of their obligations under the International Humanitarian Law and the International Human Rights Law.

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