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Libyan Air Force targets operations room of Haftar’s forces south of Tripoli

The Volcano of Rage Operation confirmed that the Libyan Air Force has targeted the operations room of Haftar’s forces in Wadi Al-Rabi area south of the capital.

“The airstrikes also targeted armed vehicles belonging to Haftar’s militias south of Mizdah town in Mount Nafusa, which was on its way to Gharyan city, in what appears an attempt to recapture the city after its liberation last June,” the Information Office of the Volcano of Rage Operation stated on Sunday.

At another level, sources confirmed the killing of the notorious leader in Haftar’s forces, Mohammed Ashtawi, known as “Al-Kubba” after a dispute between him and the so-called Tariq Ibn Ziad battalion of Haftar, over the distribution of ammunition.

The sources also confirmed the killing of Hassan Qatnash, a well-known fuel smuggler and human trafficker in Bani Walid city, who had joined Haftar’s militias in their war on Tripoli since the beginning.

Qatnash died of his wounds following a dispute with Tariq Ibn Ziyad battalion.

Ashtawi and Qatnash are leaders in the pro-Gaddafi regime militia, which is now fighting alongside Haftar’s forces.

With these deaths, the number of leaders assassinated from the former regime, who are fighting with Haftar, has reached three, after the killing of Colonel Massoud Al-Dhawi last May.


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