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UN humanitarian coordinator in Libya condemns “disgraceful” airstrike on Tripoli field hospital

The Humanitarian Coordinator a.i. in Libya Bérangère Böell-Yousfi expressed Monday her strong condemnation of the disgraceful shelling on Al-Alamain school and Az Zawiyah Field Hospital in Airport road area, south of Tripoli, depriving thousands of people from accessing basic services.

She said in a statement that four doctors and one paramedic were killed and eight medical personnel were wounded.

“Since the beginning of the conflict in April, a total of 37 attacks have been registered on health personnel and facilities, resulting in a total of 11 deaths, 33 injuries and 19 ambulances directly or indirectly impacted.” She added.

According to the statement, since the onset of the Tripoli conflict, the education of nearly 120,000 students has been affected.

“27 schools are now used as shelters for families who fled their homes. The latest attack on Al-Alamain school has fortunately not caused any casuality but it further hampers children from accessing their basic right to education, a cornerstone for peace and development.” The statement explained.

The a.i. coordinator said the humanitarian community continues to call on all the parties to the conflict to respect their obligations under the International Humanitarian Law and urges to end the attack of hospitals, schools and other civilian infrastructure and personnel.

“The provision of basic services must be provided to the many innocent civilians in desperate need. Thousands of lives are at stake. Parties to conflict must allow and facilitate rapid and unimpeded passage of impartial humanitarian relief, including medical missions.” The UN a.i. humanitarian coordinator remarked.

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