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UN envoy to Libya reveals three-point deesclation plan

The Head of the UNSMIL Ghassan Salame said his recent initiative for de-escalation in Libya has three points that could lead to a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Salame told Anadolu Agency on Wednesday that the first stage of the plan is achieving a humanitarian truce during Eid Al-Adha, which, if agreed on by all parties, would show Libyans’ care about a solution to the war.

He added that the second stage is calling for an international conference with attendance of foreign stakeholders before holding a conference for Libyans as it would be different from previous initiatives as Libyan politicians need assurances from the international community in order to pursue solutions.

Salame expressed optimism that Libyan warring parties would agree to a humanitarian truce, saying it would not be a final one.

He said that each actor country in the Libyan situation is giving different signal; some positive and others suspicious, while several of them want assurances from the rival parties for the commitment to a ceasefire, adding that there is a difference between a ceasefire and a truce, since the former needs monitoring while the latter is just a common understanding among the warring parties for halt of military action for a period of time.

“I have talked to all parties, including the countries that support Khalifa Haftar. Most of them agree on the truce during Eid Al-Adha.” He added.

Salame reiterated that his initiative includes a full implementation of the Security Council arms embargo, adding that after the international conference, another will take place with attendance of Libyan parties and stakeholders so the political process can be revived.

Salame’s April 14-16 National Conference in Ghadames was interrupted on April 04 when Haftar’s forces started an offensive against Tripoli in order to seize power from the UN-backed government.

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