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UN envoy says only political solution can end Libya’s crisis

The Head of the UN support mission in Libya, Ghassan Salame, has praised Malta’s efforts in bringing to light the Libyan crisis in the EU.

Salame who was addressing a press conference with Foreign Minister Carmelo Abela, insisted that the Libyan crisis can only be resolved through a political process, Malta Today reported.

Asked what role General Khalifa Haftar should play in a solution to the Libyan crisis, Salame reiterated that only once a political course has been initiated that the question could be answered, it added.

Salame also said that the first step towards a situation of peace in Libya lies in having the current UN-backed truce turned into a permanent ceasefire.

The UN representative also said that in order for Libya to move forward, the solutions must be spearheaded by Libyans themselves.

“It is Libyans that must decide, no one should force anyone to sit down by force, but past experience in our work has shown that this can be achieved,” he stated.

Salame also called upon the international community to refrain from being passive.

“We must have an international community which properly enforces laws and regulations, when dealing with Libya,” he said.

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