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Libya: 17 Haftar fighters surrender to Tripoli government

The internationally-backed Libyan government yesterday announced that 17 fighters affiliated with General Khalifa Haftar handed themselves over in the south of the capital Tripoli, Anadolu Agency reported.

The government said in a statement that the fighters handed themselves over, along with their weapons, without giving more details.

For about two weeks, cautious calm has prevailed over southern Tripoli, which has been under siege by Haftar’s forces for the past four months. The general has, however, thus far suffered numerous defeats and failed to take control of the capital.

Libya has been witnessing fierce fighting between the UN-backed government in Tripoli and a militia led by Haftar, who formed a government in the eastern city of Tobruk.

Although Haftar’s government is not internationally-recognised, he has been hosted by several Arab and Western states, including Egypt and France, and has received support from these countries.

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