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UN envoy: Meeting to solve Libyan conflict in September

The United Nations envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame has revealed that he is working with the UNSMIL and stakeholders in the Libyan crisis to hold a meeting in September to consolidate a ceasefire in the war-ravaged country and pave the way for the return of all parties to the UN-led political process.

Salame told Bloomberg on Friday that the meeting will also aim to have all countries who are backing up either party in Libya to respect the UN arms embargo fully.

He also explained that the meeting in September would tackle the internal conflict among Libyans, which is the core of the Libyan crisis.

Salame indicated that regarding Tripoli fighting, the US had intended to give the war a chance to see who would come out triumphant, adding that when the Security Council manages to issue an abiding resolution, then the US will commit to it.

“Some countries feel that one party can win the battle, but this feeling has gradually faded away.” Salame added.

He told Bloomberg that amid these efforts, the Libyan parties should continue to do economic, financial and political reforms that could keep away the reasons of the war from the upcoming meeting.

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