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Calm prevails on Tripoli frontlines as warplanes intensify presence

Fighting axes in southern Tripoli have been seeing an uneasy calm amid an exchange of artillery shelling between the forces under the Presidential Council’s government command and those under Khalifa Haftar’s command, especially in Ain Zara, Airport Road and Khalit Al-Furjan.

Libyan Army’s Volcano of Rage Operation forces advanced on Wednesday on Zatarna frontline and controlled Manara on Tarhouna road – with drones and warplanes hovering over Zatarna area according to the frontline’s commander – so they are now positioned on administrative border of Tarhouna.

In the meantime, sources from Volcano of Rage Operation said Haftar’s forces on Ain Zara had received recently massive military backup as they prepare for “big offensive” under an air cover, saying France could provide drones for the air cover for Haftar’s forces.

The sources added that French aircraft flew over Tripoli on Thursday and that (Itamilradar) website a French Air Force C-135FR that hid its signals off Tripoli. Itamilradar supposed that the aircraft was making a refueling mission off Libya.

Meanwhile, military officials said the Libyan Army is also backing up the forces in Gharyan after foiling an attack by Haftar’s forces last Monday.

They added that dialogue with military leaders in Al-Asabea town – 20 km to western Gharyan – failed and that Gharyan Protection Force is preparing a military advance on the town after the deadline to make Haftar’s forces leave ends.

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