Tuesday , 27 October 2020
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Haftar’s warplanes strike Anti-ISIS Force in Libya’s Sirte

Warplanes for Khalifa Haftar’s Air Force, and some sources say foreign drones, have carried out three airstrikes on military positions for the Sirte Protection Force in the city of Sirte – former ISIS stronghold. 

The three airstrikes killed at least two of the Sirtr Protection Force’s personnel and injured over 12 others; said Taha Hadid: the spokesman for the media office of the force.

He added that the airstrikes of Haftar’s warplanes on Sirte hindered the work of the force in thwarting attacks and movements of ISIS militants’ sleeper cells and some Muammar Gaddafi loyalists who wish to create chaos in the city.

The Anti-ISIS force also said in a statement that such attacks by Haftar’s forces prove that they are on some kind of cooperation with ISIS or Gaddafi loyalists who wish to infiltrate into Sirte, since the attacks same in a time the sleeper cells were actively moving around the city.

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