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Libyan Coast Guard denies reports of immigrants’ abuse

The spokesman for Libyan Navy Ayoub Qassim has denied accusations made against Libyan coastguards saying they have been selling immigrants to human traffickers.

Qassim told reporters on Tuesday that immigrants usually try to win Europeans’ sympathy by lies to obtain asylum status, adding that rescue operations in the Mediterranean happen under the oversight of international NGOs.

“The Libyan Foreign Ministry should sue NGOs and immigrants who have made those allegations without evidence. The coast guard is ready to cooperate with international partners if a probe will be started.” Qassim remarked.

Meanwhile, the European Commission Monday any knowledge of international reports about violations made by the Libyan Coast Guard personnel against immigrants rescued from boats in the Mediterranean.

The spokeswoman of the European Commission, said they don’t mind looking into the reports about the violations’ accusations against Libyan coastguards, saying their training of the Libyan coastguards was very strict and effective, Italian news agency Aki said.

An official at the Anti-Illegal Immigration Authority said detention centers are being operated as per Libyan laws and if there have been any violations, then they will be of some individuals, adding that Libya’s interests lies in shutting down the centers and shake off their burdens.

Malta is going to host a mini summit on September 23 to reach a mechanism of disembarking immigrants in the Mediterranean in the presence of Interior Ministers of Germany, France, and Malta as well as officials from the European Commission, besides Finland, which is the current chair country of the European Union.

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